Silence your smartphone without missing calls or alerts

Smartphones have become part of everyday life for most people these days so we’re going to be sharing some more smartphone tips. 

We all know the irritation of having to hear a room full of rings and pings. Instead, of being one of those annoying people, you can silence your phone — but not miss a call or message alert.

The trick: a light flashing alert

Set your phone to flash its camera light instead. Then, when you are in a crowd such as a restaurant, flip the silence button (iPhone) or silence your Android (if your version has this setting) — and you’ll still have the flashing light. As long as your phone is in sight, you’ll know when someone seeks you.

We particularly love this trick because it can be hard to determine whether the phone you’re hearing is your own, but the light is right there on your phone.



Here’s how to set the flashing alert

On an iPhone: 
Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Scroll down to Hearing and turn on LED Flash for Alerts and Flash on Silent.

On an Android:
In Settings, go to Accessibility. Find Hearing, then Notifications. There, you’ll find a setting that will flash your phones camera’s flash for notifications or alarms.



About using flashing alerts

This feature was actually created for deaf or hard-of-hearing users and it’s terrific for them — but it’s a person with no hearing issues that taught us this. Everyone can benefit from it.

We’ve been using this trick and find our phones can be on the table, in a shirt pocket or in an exposed pocket of a handbag.

Obviously, this is a great setting for a restaurant. Fellow diners don’t need to be interrupted by your phone, and every other diner’s phone.

One of our people had her iPhone in her handbag as she food shopped at Ralph’s in Los Angeles. As she ordered her fish at the butcher, she noticed the flashing light out of the corner of her eye. She was able to know she had an issue to deal with but not disrupt her order or waste the other shoppers’ time.

Please don’t try this in a theater, though. 🙂 (We know you wouldn’t.)