Why Does Our Firm Offer Online Estate Planning?

As many of you know, one of the hallmarks of our firm is a commitment to attentive, highly personalized service. This begs the question, why would we offer the rather impersonal option of online planning through our firm’s website? It’s a fair question, one we will answer here.

We Believe Everybody Needs an Estate Plan. Online Planning Brings the Benefits of Estate Planning to a Larger and Younger Audience.

You understand the importance of having an estate plan, but do your adult children (or grandchildren)? Probably not.

At the very least, every adult should have three crucial legal documents—a will, a power of attorney, and a healthcare directive. In addition to specifying “who gets what” and naming an executor, a will can name a guardian for minor children in the event both parents pass away unexpectedly. Meanwhile, a power of attorney and healthcare directive can ensure one’s wishes regarding financial and medical decisions are carried out in the event of incapacity.

Our digitalized platform, GuidrSM, allows us to offer these vital documents to a wider and younger audience in a manner they are accustomed to, namely, online.

Online planning has a number of benefits. It’s fast: You can get foundational documents in as little as 30 minutes using Guidr. It’s convenient: You can create your plan anywhere Internet service is available, on any device, whenever you have those 30 minutes to spare. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to traditional in-office, in-person planning. Finally, it has the potential to instill awareness of estate planning’s benefits among young people who may not have thought much about it in the past.

The Peace of Mind that Comes from Local Attorney Supervision.

While we obviously appreciate and applaud the fact that this technology brings estate planning to a wider audience, we have concerns about the level of attorney supervision provided. Some platforms tout such supervision, but we consider proper planning to be absolutely essential. After all, we have dedicated ourselves to it for 50 years. An improperly drafted will, power of attorney, or healthcare directive can actually be worse than having no planning documents at all.

We want to combine the benefits of online planning with the transparency and confidence of supervision by us as experienced local attorneys. The Guidr platform allows us to do just that. It also enables users—our online clients—to get additional help directly from us if they have questions or need more sophisticated planning.

Learn more about online planning with Guidr.